Today was…

Today was a really rough day. It started out relatively normal, Oakland and I went to visit my mum early in the morning. I expected he might sleep on the way there; didn't happen. This then meant I would need to try to get him down for his morning nap at some point in a … Continue reading Today was…


No ragrets

I'm becoming increasily anxious at the prospect of Gold Coast Medical airing now that it looks like it is set to become a reality in the next few weeks. I am anxious about how we, as a tattooed lesbian couple, will be portrayed and also received. I am anxious at the fact that I was … Continue reading No ragrets

Kids have impeccable timing

Anyone that has children or is around children will know this, they have an absolute skill when it comes to timing. I am talking about timing with poo here, but this can apply to pretty much anything, vomiting, falling asleep, refusing to sleep, deciding they are starving or thirsty, wanting to find their long lost … Continue reading Kids have impeccable timing

Our IVF story….so far ;)

Lots of women have approached me regarding their infertility struggles, which I appreciate. I am grateful they feel they can trust me enough to share their stories and heartache. I think a lot of this stems from the fact both Alee and I have always been so open about our journey. For some reason, society … Continue reading Our IVF story….so far 😉