(Soon to Be) Working Mumma

The past few weeks have been pretty mental around here. Needless to say, I think everyone's households have probably been the same given it is Christmas. Alee was working insane hours, I am talking 12-14 hour days, leaving home by 7am, getting home after 10pm and then drawing her designs before and after work. She … Continue reading (Soon to Be) Working Mumma


The Single Life

I've been going it alone for a while now. The daily monotonous routine of waking and changing a wet bum, making breakfast that gets thrown on the floor, cleaning the floor and the kid, trying to brush my teeth, apply makeup and poop while entertaining a toddler whilst simultaneously have the house looking less Chernobyl … Continue reading The Single Life

Taking the good with the utter shit.

I feel like the biggest fucking idiot. I just spent the last half hour driving home, crying to myself while Oakland stares at me like a little weido from the back seat. I should be elated, last night GCM aired and we have been inundated with the most amazing messages from all kinds of people … Continue reading Taking the good with the utter shit.