Some mums just need to chill

Have you ever bought or sold anything on a mummy buy/swap page? If you have, then you will completely appreciate just how important the four letter word SOLD is. That tiny and seemingly insignificant word is the subject of countless debates and angry PMs, many of which I was the target of in the last week.

We had a spare toddler bed sitting around that we have never used so I decided to finally pop it on Gumtree, Marketplace and just a random selection of 10 buy/swap pages. Within minutes my inbox and notifications were blowing up with questions ‘is there anything wrong with the bed?’. Nope. ‘Will you drop from $65 to $40?’. Definitely fucking not. I even had one lady tell me her daughter lost all her belongings in the recent flood, including her grandchild’s bed. I told her how sorry I was and that the bed was still available. It got to the point where I lost track of notifications due to it being posted on so many pages, however no one had written the magic word. That I was sure of.

I had one woman who asked if she could come view the bed, so I said yes. She seemed very interested, just needed to see it before agreeing to buy it, fair enough too. I then had a woman message me saying she wanted it and wanted immediate pickup. As I had told the other woman she could come view it I messaged the original woman back asking if she wanted to consider it sold pending viewing as I counted her technically as the first buyer since we were both pretty sure she would buy it. She agreed, so I messaged the second woman back  and told her it was sold. I assumed this was the end of it. Ohhh nope, she went OFF! ‘I was the first person to comment sold!’, to which I replied ‘well, it is listed on 10 pages as well as Marketplace’ You would think that would shut her up right? Nope. ‘checked all your other posts and I was the first person to comment!’. Ok, well now you were just coming off as a total psycho, I mean it is a second hand fucking toddler bed, not The Holy Chalice. There were literally hundreds available on Gumtree, take your pick. So I then told her how the woman had messaged me and thought again, this must be the end? Nope. She then asked where I bought it so I told her I actually found it on Gumtree once myself however I’ve seen this particular one at Target. You know what reply I got? The big, fucking, condescending thumbs up. I hate that stupid thumb more than anything, it is so rude. I wish Facebook would get rid of it. So all done and dusted, I figured ok, totally over with. Nope! She then goes and comments on my actual selling post to one of her friends, as they had tagged one another (CUTE!) ‘well I hope I get it, since I WAS first’ with these annoying as fuck little giggling monkey and whatever else emojis after it. Grow the fuck up you crazy woman! Like even if you were first, I would refuse to sell it to you because I don’t particularly want really weird and unstable people knowing my address…so bye Felicia!

To top all that off, I then had the woman with the flood sitch message me (two hours after our last conversation mind you) and she wrote ‘would you take $50?’. Wow, no I won’t and also it was sold. She then had the balls to write ‘but we were JUST talking…fine!’. Umm…yeah we were talking like two hours ago. It’s Facebook lady, a lot can happen in two hours. I then smashed her with a reply stating the rules of buy/swap pages and she read it and didn’t reply.

17858148_1872095549675874_193497263_nSeriously, these women go crazier online than they do at the Big W toy sale. It is insane. And I hate, HATE, how stingy they get over $5. They will argue with any price. You list something for free and they will probably message you saying they will come remove it from your hands if you give them $5. The other day I sold a swing for $35, all was agreed upon and when her partner came to collect he was like ‘how much was on it?’, ‘$35″, ‘oh, ok well I brought $30, is that cool?’. Well shit, no it ain’t. But what was I meant to do? I was just super rude from there out. The nerve of some people blows me away. Like they can just be so rude and blunt about it.

I think in future, any shit I have sitting around I will just donate to Vinnie’s because the drama is so not worth $5 and an awkward conversation as they come to claim your shit.


2 thoughts on “Some mums just need to chill

  1. Feeling ya dude! Online mums are the worst kinds and most mums who have a life and some kind of normalcy usually don’t have times or fucks to waste on those pages…. Setting yourself up for failure! Post on Gumtree if you must or give to a mate.


  2. OMG yes! So many crazies out there and all soooo stingy. I especially love the ones who give you a story or offer you less and then 2 days later you see they are selling it for double what they paid. 😬🤔


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