Just what the hell is IVF?

What is IVF? I speak about it constantly, we hear about it on the TV and through other mums, but just what the heck is it exactly? I get asked this question A LOT! So much so that I figured I would just write a blog about it. Firstly, I am no doctor. So what … Continue reading Just what the hell is IVF?


What makes a true mother? 

Today marks Mother's Day, my second with a child that I can cuddle every night. I've considered myself a mother for a lot longer than that though. What constitutes a mother? In my eyes, to be a mother you do not need to have a child in the here and now.  As someone who lost … Continue reading What makes a true mother? 

And the magic number is…

Is there such a thing as the 'ideal age gap' between children? I've been really thinking about what the age gap will be between Oakland and Oakland 2.0 should this IVF cycle be successful. If it works first go I will be due in late February/early March, with Oakland being around two and a half. … Continue reading And the magic number is…