“Gays Breed Gays”

It's funny, with the whole marriage equality debate being such a hot topic right now, suddenly you are seeing these outrageous arguments creeping up, telling us why we definitely should be voting NO to same sex couples having the right to marry. Fanatics are bringing children into the debate, stating that gays breed gays. By that … Continue reading “Gays Breed Gays”


Being a mum makes you a shit friend

I am not going to mince words here, becoming a mum has made me a real shit friend. I know a lot of mums also feel the same. I cancel things last minute, I bail from events early, I turn up late to everything and if I do manage to make it to a party, … Continue reading Being a mum makes you a shit friend

Oh, the places you will go

We’ve done a fair bit of travelling with our now 2 year old son. We’ve taken 3 hour road trips interstate, numerous short plane trips to Melbourne, we took him for to America for his first birthday, New Zealand shortly after and for his second birthday we went on a cruise to the Pacific. Anyone … Continue reading Oh, the places you will go