IT finally happened

Parenting is basically just about waiting for a bunch of inevitable rites of passage to occur, which usually happen at the most inopportune times. Today I managed to unlock parenting level 8 by reaching one of these milestones. I took Oakland on a play date to a local water park. Now before I go any … Continue reading IT finally happened


Give ’em cheek!

I swear the most unfortunate shit happens to me in my daily life that makes me think 'this could literally only happen to me!'. This was the case this week when I trialled a new swim school for Oakland. The series of events that unfolded that day left me wishing that the Earth would just … Continue reading Give ’em cheek!

Just One of Those Days

Have you ever found yourself having one of those days? You know, where something goes wrong, then it's like the negativity of that one small event attracts more negative energy and before you know it the entire day seems to snowball into this mass doomsday event, and basically everything turns to absolute shit? That is where I … Continue reading Just One of Those Days

“Gays Breed Gays”

It's funny, with the whole marriage equality debate being such a hot topic right now, suddenly you are seeing these outrageous arguments creeping up, telling us why we definitely should be voting NO to same sex couples having the right to marry. Fanatics are bringing children into the debate, stating that gays breed gays. By that … Continue reading “Gays Breed Gays”

Oh, the places you will go

We’ve done a fair bit of travelling with our now 2 year old son. We’ve taken 3 hour road trips interstate, numerous short plane trips to Melbourne, we took him for to America for his first birthday, New Zealand shortly after and for his second birthday we went on a cruise to the Pacific. Anyone … Continue reading Oh, the places you will go