Hurt People Hurt People

To the woman who briefly walked past me today at the grocery store, Yes, I noticed you notice me. I noticed your upturned, scowling mouth, your judgemental eyes, the look of utter disdain upon your face as you took me in and proceeded to scan every inch of my body then spit me out. And … Continue reading Hurt People Hurt People


As one door closes…

It is that magical hour where Oakland is fast asleep, dinner and dishes are done and I can sit down and put my feet up. To make my night even better, Alee is out at Amity which means I can watch whatever the hell I want! Not many people know this, but Alee and I … Continue reading As one door closes…

Mums don’t get sick

It's true, we all know it. Mums don't get sick. Or at least, they can't get sick, right? Because if mum is out of action then the entire household is screwed! Every little finely tuned and well oiled working mechanism will go haywire and suddenly we are in meltdown mode. Yep, pretty much like that … Continue reading Mums don’t get sick