Super Supermum

It is not such a widely known fact that you can access your superannuation for IVF. Heck, you can even access your parents' super if they want to help for a grandchild. This is the route that Alee and I have opted to take for our upcoming cycle. We've exhausted all other options and spent … Continue reading Super Supermum


Why pregnant women need to shut the fuck up

This is going to make me sound like a cunt. When I am going through IVF (or just prior, like right now) I literally HATEĀ all pregnant people. If you are preggo, just stay the fuck away from me. No, I am not fucking happy for you. I definitely do not want to see your positive … Continue reading Why pregnant women need to shut the fuck up

99 problems but biology ain’t one

Alee and I both recently posted on Facebook about a little cafe debacle that occurred recently, but neither of us really elaborated on what actually happened and people seem interested to know, and many have shared their similar experiences so I thought I might blog about it. We were out at breakfast a few days … Continue reading 99 problems but biology ain’t one