**This is not a blog offering parenting advice** I am no Supermum. I am a real mum, an honest mum, a some days struggling mum, a some days owning it mum. I am every mum out there, taking each day as it comes, having no clue what I am doing whilst also knowing I am doing the best job I can. I want this blog to show the realistic, funny, scary and downright messy experience that is my version of motherhood.

I am one half of a same-sex relationship that created a little life in 2015. After two and a half years of fertility struggles (in which I was initially told I had 12 months of eggs left if I was lucky) consisting of two fresh IVF cycles that ended in miscarriages, one frozen cycle that didn’t take, no leftover embryos for future attempts, countless exploratory operations plus those that are required for each cycle, endless needles and tests and a rollercoaster of ups and downs (which now all seem like nothing more than a distant memory) my  then partner Alee and I did our third fresh IVF cycle and welcomed our rainbow baby boy, Oakland, in to this world.

I did another fresh cycle after Oakland was born, which resulted in yet another miscarriage at about 8.5 weeks. I recently did what I feel will be my final cycle, and I currently have three frosty babies on ice as a result of that cycle, waiting for the day I am ready to try for another bub.

Many people ask me about our story, about IVF, about having a biracial baby, about infertility, about being in a same-sex relationship, about chihuahuas, tattoos, hair dye and everything in between. I am hoping this blog can help answer some of these questions and create a platform for some interesting dialogue.

Thanks for reading and happy blogging!




4 thoughts on “About

  1. I do not want to ask about our story, about IVF, about having a biracial baby, about infertility, about being in a same-sex relationship, about chihuahuas, tattoos, hair dye and everything in between, The only question that comes to my mind, and I already know the answer, is, do you lovely ladies love each other and that little bundle of joy you are holding? As I said, I know the answer and that is ALL that matters. Just keep on loving.


  2. Hope you both are conscious of raising a black boy. I am mixed race, black and white and the world views you as a black person! It’s very important when two white peoples raise you to be very conscious of the racism, biases and issues in regards to race. This is a huge part of your identity and super important to research and take into consideration. I don’t mean to pry but you do make your life public, it’s not a critisms but a meat observation as someone who had to do a lot of soul searching, your son is of african American heritage and it is such a huge part of who he is! You must support and enrich his life with this or else he will feel lost! I know this too well being raised with my white mother only and not knowing my african culture!


    1. Absolutely! We do our very best to ensure Oakland knows where he is from and about his culture as both a black and a white child. He’s already had his first trip to America, we have books for him, he has dolls of different colours and as he grows we will do more she appropriate activities to make sure he maintains connections to his culture x


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