The End of Our Story

I want to address the elephant in the room...yes, Alee and I have separated. A lot of people began figuring it out on their own if they lurked our social media enough, and those that are friends with Alee on Facebook would have seen her recent post about the split. I know that this will … Continue reading The End of Our Story


Boys and Their Toys

Can someone tell me, what is with males and their obsession with their penises? At any age, they just literally have their hands on it 24/7, whether it's the comfort hold or the adjustment shuffle. I'd love to see the outcry if women just went around scratching and holding their va jay jays day in … Continue reading Boys and Their Toys

The Truth About Santa Claus

Now that all the stress, anxiety, frustration and craziness of Christmas is over, let me tell you a little story about Santa Claus. Every parent knows that it is tradition to get the annual and obligatory 'Santa photo' at your local shopping centre. Every parent also knows that you will line up for hours, pay … Continue reading The Truth About Santa Claus

Another Typical Shituation

Firstly, I would like to make a public apology to any parent who attended Toddler Sense today alongside Oakland and who had to witness him full force feral and pantless. Secondly, I'd further like to apologise to anyone who may have stepped in his shit as they walked through the car park, and I know … Continue reading Another Typical Shituation

We Are All In This Together

Today is a bit of a "poor me" day. ┬áIt's funny, in a not so funny way, how since I lost my baby life has just continued on around me. Friends are posting their pregnancy and birth announcements. My Instagram feed is like some kind of bittersweet reminder that around the time I fell pregnant, … Continue reading We Are All In This Together