The Cup of Life

I"ve made a big change in my life this month. The ads I have seen online have promised me that this will be the best move I have ever made as a woman, and that I will not only be saving the planet but also the delicate flora of my lady garden. That's right, I … Continue reading The Cup of Life


The Truth About Santa Claus

Now that all the stress, anxiety, frustration and craziness of Christmas is over, let me tell you a little story about Santa Claus. Every parent knows that it is tradition to get the annual and obligatory 'Santa photo' at your local shopping centre. Every parent also knows that you will line up for hours, pay … Continue reading The Truth About Santa Claus

We Are All In This Together

Today is a bit of a "poor me" day.  It's funny, in a not so funny way, how since I lost my baby life has just continued on around me. Friends are posting their pregnancy and birth announcements. My Instagram feed is like some kind of bittersweet reminder that around the time I fell pregnant, … Continue reading We Are All In This Together

Just One of Those Days

Have you ever found yourself having one of those days? You know, where something goes wrong, then it's like the negativity of that one small event attracts more negative energy and before you know it the entire day seems to snowball into this mass doomsday event, and basically everything turns to absolute shit? That is where I … Continue reading Just One of Those Days